4 ways to freshen up a room for the winter

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Halloween is over and the stores are full on holiday goodies a little too soon. With the change of the clocks, I always seem to feel the need for a marked transition. It’s time to make sure everything from summer is actually finally put away – including those spring green pillows that definitely no longer work for the season, and that last yard chair down by the leaf pile my little girl was jumping in…  Although winter can be hard for some, I always find it therapeutic to welcome the colder months with a refresh of my rooms. Here are 4 ways to freshen up a room for Winter.

Find ways to maximize light

With winter comes less natural light, which can sometimes leave us a bit moody. Find ways to maximize the happy vitamin entering your house – like considering more light and airy window treatments. You can also tie back windows that are just hanging straight down or re-arrange furniture in a way that prevents anything from being in front of the window.

Re-arrange (and use EZ-Decorator to help save your back!)

Most Novembers, not only do I start to think about where my tree will go after Thanksgiving, but I also re-arrange and rethink how I can use the spaces better for the months to come when we spend most of our time within these walls (especially if you live somewhere with a lot of snow!). Have you ever considered switching your dining room and living room? What about adding a sitting nook in your kitchen? Maybe that bench from upstairs belongs in the living room now?

The best way to figure out how to rearrange without causing you (or your husband and friends) a torn back muscle, is to have fun considering re-arrangements using the EZ-Decorator System! You can actually set up your rooms to scale using hand-drawn movable pieces, and really take a creative look at your furniture and functionality.

Other questions to ask yourself include: Is there a better way I can maximize gathering time? How do I spend most of my time inside – can I bring principles like Hygge in to make things cozier? What causes daily stress and how can I re-arrange my furniture to minimize that stress?

Fall clean everything

I actually hire someone to come in and help me deep clean in the fall. She helps me clean out my fridge, my cupboards, and do any dusting that might have been forgotten over the hotter months. This is the ultimate refresh and leaves you feeling prepared and more relaxed going into the holidays. Consider donating anything you’re not using to a charity to add some extra holiday cheer.

Add happy winter tones

Winter-blues busting is super easy with some of these fixes (as mentioned above) – set yourself up for success now. Along with principles like Hygge and more vitamin-enhanced sunlight, it is scientifically proven that some colors boost moods. Add some unexpected pops with unique pillowcases, dried flowers, or cozy quilts. These small additions can go a long way on a grey day in January.


By Cherise Tolbert
Cherise Tolbert, owner of Arivida Systems, has her Master’s from the esteemed S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications and her B.S. from the University of Vermont. She has a substantial following on Pinterest where she gathers images relating to a curated lifestyle, including interior design, and is an affiliate for top name brands. She has also worked in communications for over ten years, is a social media expert,  and has been published on various topics on award winning blogs. 
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