Cheryl Howard is a California Certified Interior Designer and member of the American Society of Interior Designers. After receiving her BS in Psychology from UCLA she went on to complete the UCLA Interior Design Certificate Program. She has designed residential and commercial interiors all over the world. Additionally, she has designed a popular collection of hand-printed wallpapers and linen fabrics.

Cheryl is the inventor of the E-Z DECORATOR System and the E-Z DECORATOR Furniture and Room Planner, design tools for assisting designers, decorators and their clients in conceptually visualizing how their completed rooms will look.

Before E-Z DECORATOR the only way to achieve a quality hand-drawn sketch was to either actually draw it (needing time and talent) or hiring an artist to do it (expensive). Then along came software, which Cheryl is strongly averse to using, believing that its generic qualities create a poor result, not to mention the amount of “learning curve” time and expense needed to create a single drawing. This is why she was passionate about creating a design tool that could achieve a hand-drawn, “knock-your-socks-off" sketch…AND be both an alternative to drawing and using software.

Please browse our website where your can be inspired...view videos and photos of an innovative design tool that will make your projects easier and more fun.

Cheryl Howard


WOW, simply WOW! I have been in the interior design field for over 20 years…where have you been all my life? I can barely believe what I am seeing…Tonight, it's me, pizza, rocky road ice cream and my new E-Z DECORATORTM System. If you ever want me to spread the word, you've got it!!!

Simone Arondare

Window Fashions by Simone

Received my E-Z DECORATORTM System on Monday and created a presentation that evening. The next day I met with my client and she purchased the $7,200 drapery ideas I showed her. It only took my assistant and me under one hour to create four rooms of drawings and two hours to select fabrics. At first I had to justify my expenditure, but it was well worth it on this first job using this wonderful new tool.

Diane Dabner

Diane's Windows on the World


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