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Words cannot express my appreciation for all you did to develop this design system. It truly makes decorating fun and easy. My clients finally have a visual that gives them a true understanding of the finished project. Thank you for taking the time to bring the E-Z DECORATOR™ System to us-you have done the world of decorating a true service.

Patti Smith-Jacobs ASID
PSJ Interiors, Inc.

I purchased your entire E-Z DECORATOR™ System last year…I LOVE it! What a wonderful invention, especially for designers such as I who are time and artistically challenged.

Jason Peterson
J Interiors, LLC
San Diego, CA

WOW, simply WOW! I have been in the interior design field for over 20 years…where have you been all my life? I can barely believe what I am seeing…Tonight, it's me, pizza, rocky road ice cream and my new E-Z DECORATOR™ System. If you ever want me to spread the word, you've got it!!!

Simone Arondare
Window Fashions by Simone

Received my E-Z DECORATOR™ System on Monday and created a presentation that evening. The next day I met with my client and she purchased the $7,200 drapery ideas I showed her. It only took my assistant and me under one hour to create four rooms of drawings and two hours to select fabrics. At first I had to justify my expenditure, but it was well worth it on this first job using this wonderful new tool.

Diane Dabner
Diane's Windows on the World
St. Petersburg, FL

Computer software is just not for me---too much time to learn and way too much time to create anything that I would want to show my clients. I always like to have a hand-drawn rendering but this also takes too much time. My new partner had been using your system for years and, of course, I just had to purchase the whole set for myself. Imagine---a design tool that actually does what it claims (and much more). I can't wait for new supplements----please let me know whenever something new is available.

Sharon Manders
Windows and More, Inc.

I am a new designer just starting my own business and I simply LOVE the E-Z DECORATOR™ System. I ordered the entire system about a year ago and I use this wonderful tool almost daily!

Barb Anders
Barb's Interiors

WOW! Was I ever excited to receive my new E-Z DECORATOR™ Furniture and Room Planner. It far exceeds what I expected, given other layout tools that I've used in the past. It is truly fabulous. I will really "talk this up" to other designers and hope you sell a "bazillion" of them.

Connie Kimitch , ASID

The E-Z DECORATOR™ Furniture and Room Planner has saved my marriage (and my husband's back). I am not a professional but was able to lay out my rooms accurately and easily. Now my husband can see what I want to put in the rooms before he moves things around. I have also made a floor plan and gone shopping with it, making it so easy to purchase furniture that fits the scale of my rooms. Thanks so much.

Mrs. Cynthia Elkins

I teach interior design and have just discovered your E-Z DECORATOR™ Design tools. The Furniture and Room Planner is a wonderful first tool for my students as it enables them to start from the ground up with their design ideas. I am thrilled that my school has consented to include your system in the students' materials packages. Now each student will have a planner as part of their semester materials---not only will they be able to use it while in school, but I know it will become an invaluable tool for them once they are practicing professionals.

Martina Gomez
Westside Community College

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