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Stephanie L. Ogle
Feng Shui Host

All of us at one point or another in our lives have had to decide where to place a piece of furniture or where to hang a poster or painting or even figure out what color(s) to paint a wall(s). From some, this is an easy thing to do, for others, some help is needed…especially if you want to lay out your “plans” on paper and are a bit on the artistically challenged side. Well, fret no more! There is a simple, easy way to make your plans/ideas a reality. Ms. Howard, a professional interior designer with over 26 years of experience, won an ADEX award for design excellence in 1997 for the E-Z DECORATOR™ system.

The system, a collection of hand-drawn, illustrated decals of furniture pieces, room accessories, wall covering & floor coverings of just about any style, are included in this wonderful product. The decals (also reversible), along with a “grid board” (with a scale of ½” = 1’) and three transparent “overlays” are the keys to creating room designs that are quick to conceive and 3-dementional. The system takes you from concept to an actual finished rendering that you can then photo copy (even enlarge!) and color to your specifications.

I had a blast with this product. It was almost as if I was a little girl again…playing with paper dolls (I know…that dates me!). And speaking of little girls, I wanted to see just how user friendly it was to ALL ages. My 12 yr old (almost 13) who is an amazing artist in her own right who has shown an interest in design & architecture was even able to design a room (she chose to do a bedroom) with the system…it’s that easy!

I was able to come up with a variety of designs and play with various furniture & accessory placement without straining my back with actually moving furniture. And this was only the Standard system. This particular system goes for $249 (plus shipping & handling) and includes 1600 illustrated decals, 1 grid board and the custom 3 ring binder (which conveniently holds all the decals, table of contents for you to find the pieces you are looking for quickly and instructions on how to effectively use the system). The line of products go all the way up to the Deluxe IV + Kitchen & Bath System which includes a mind-blowing 5500 illustrated decals plus the Kitchen & Bath decal supplements (over 1000 illustrated decals & over 900 illustrated decals respectively). This particular system is for the HARD CORE decorator or the person who wants endless options available at their fingertips!

I’ve never seen or heard of anything like this product out there and it truly is a unique and exciting. The only limitations on it are within your own mind!
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