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Put Drawing into Perspective
Even those without any artistic ability can create professional design renderings.
Sharon L. Anderson

Challenge:  As a window coverings sales professional, I find it very time consuming to create three-dimensional renderings, floor plans and perspective drawings when I have taken on a large design job. The problem is that I have no artistic abilities whatsoever.

Could you suggest some useful tools and short cuts that may assist me in the artistic portion of conveying my creativity to my clients?

Solution:  "The tools can make or break the job." There is much truth in that quote. I will share some insight in making the artistic process easier for you to access.

A couple of months back, I wrote an article about learning to quick sketch your window treatments. (See D&WC, August 2000) The tools I will mention in this article will take you one step further in the process.

The first tool that I have found to make the job easier when it comes to creating professional sketches and renderings is the E-Z DECORATOR™ System. You will, as they say, "never pick up a pencil again." The system includes tools to create architectural elements, windows, draperies, curtains, blinds, shutters, living and dining rooms, bedrooms, accessories, borders, wallpaper, rugs and flooring for any room in a house including nurseries and juvenile bedrooms. The system assists you in creating three-dimensional, hand-drawn renderings in 1/2-inch scale with perspective. The drawings are printed onto reusable decals, which allow you to position them as you so desire onto a grid board with clear overlays. With this system, you will be able to create professional presentations for each client.
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